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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, then you don’t know what you are doing.” W. Edwards Deming

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Madelyn and Anna!!


*As with our B Champs swimmers, our A Champs swimmers did a great job representing TOPS! Our swimmers did their best, and for that we are most thankful. It was a big, crowded venue, with a lot of fast swimmers/swims and supportive parents. Thank you, parents, for getting the swimmers to LaSalle when expected, as well as, ensuring they were at the ready. You are TOPS!

*As soon as the results are posted, we will import them, and you should have access to them via the Parent Portal.

*Thank you to the following parents who stepped forward to help at Champs, yesterday. Once again, you worked above and beyond, and for that we are most grateful. Thank you: *Guiliano’s, Engler, Green, Burfield, Keifer, Maiale, Brown, Horner, Catron, Curran, Crew, Gorman, Horn, Houde, Lucas, Nelson, and Griffith. * Many thanks, parents, for being there to support our volunteer responsibilities at this meet!!

*If we overlooked anyone, our sincerest apologies. Your support was greatly appreciated!

A big ‘SHOUT OUT’* to Lori Griffith and Cecelia Guiliano who were our SAL Reps this season. They helped with forwarding information to the coaches, made sure all was in place at the dual meets and championships, and with their guidance, ensured that all ran smoothly. Many thanks, Lori and Cecelia, for all you did for TOPS this SAL swim season.


*All TOPS families will continue to get our Weekly Announcements even though your season may be completed.

*Good luck to our TOPS divers who will be representing TOPS at SAL A Diving Champs, this weekend! Go, TOPS! We are cheering for you!!

*For our TOPS swimmers who are not doing USA/OR are not swimming in a season ending USA meet, your season is now complete. We will miss you! Please stay active and do some simple dryland (push-ups, sit ups, wall sits, planks) to strengthen your core and muscles to help you when you get back into the water. All practice, going forward, are readying our USA swimmers for their season ending USA meets.
*Reminder: Our TOPS/USA/HS swimmers are to be attending at least ONE TOPS practice per week.

Information about our Season Ending Celebration, to be held at The Hill School, on April 14th at 1:00 p.m. will be forthcoming. Please pencil this on your calendar. RSVP’s will be required for this event in order to help with planning.

The practice schedule, below, is for our TOPS/USA swimmers who are attending a USA season ending meet.

REMINDER: It was stated, to ALL USA Swimmers upon commitment to TOPS USA, that attendance at a USA Season ending meet is required.

TOPS 1,2 – (6:30-7:30)
TOPS 3 – (6:30-8:00)
TOPS 4,5,6 – (7-8:50)

AM : (5:45-6:45)
TOPS 4,5,6 – (6:30-8:30)
TOPS 3 – (7:00-8:30)
TOPS 1,2 – (8-8:50)

TOPS 4,5,6 – (6:30-8:30)
TOPS 3 – (7:00-8:30)

AM : (5:45-6:45)
TOPS 1,2 – (6:30-7:30)
TOPS 3 – (6:30-8)
TOPS 4,5,6 – (7-8:50)

TOPS 1,2 -(6:30-7:30)
TOPS 3 – (6:30-8)
TOPS 4,5,6 – (7-8:50)

TOPS 1,2 – (12-1)
TOPS 3 – (1-2:30)
TOPS 4,5,6 – (1-3)


*The updated UDAC Closed Meet entries have been submitted. Information will be forthcoming, for those who will be attending.
Parents: It is probable that they will need volunteers at this meet.

NORTH PENN DISTANCE MEET- Our entries have been submitted, for some time. This is our last distance meet for the 2018-2019 Short Course USA season.

Thanks to Anne Crew, we have a TOPS USA Championship shirt for all interested in purchasing one! They look awesome!

*On the back is the list of our season ending USA meets, and ALL our swimmers will wear the same shirt, regardless of what meet they will be attending. The approx. price is around $15.00, but it may be a little more or less pending the number we order.

TIMELY AND IMPORTANT:+ Please email Coach Catherine, with your intent on purchasing a shirt, along with shirt size, by this Wed. (2/6).+ With that information, we will then solidify a price and get the ball rolling so that our JO swimmers will have them in time for JO’s.

*FYI…We imported the PV Fall Fest results, shortly after the meet. For some reason, the results are not importing ,properly into Active, therefore, may not be showing up in your Parent Portal. We are working on this. Please know that we check all times, prior to submitting entries for meets.

The first required deadline for *MA Junior Olympics is Feb. 22nd, right before the UDAC Closed Invite. Our first deadline is Feb. 17th, for those that already have a cut, we will get those entries submitted. After the UDAC Closed Invite, we will be submitting a second entry file, and those will include NEW events earned for JO’s. We cannot use that meet to update previous JO times.

*This meet is open for entry for our 14 and younger USA swimmers who have a USA time, in a given event, which meets the parameters, set by Middle Atlantic. No SAL times, from dual meets, or B Champs, can be used. Also, NT are not permitted. Only USA times can be used for this meet, and all USA meets.

*This meet is open for entry for our USA Swimmers (14 and under) who have met the time standards set by Middle Atlantic. For our 15 and older swimmers, who do not have a Senior Champs cut, this meet is for you. You can earn a Senior Champs cut at this meet.

*This meet is for our TOPS/USA/HS Swimmers. This meet has time standards. Swimmers need just one time cut and they an then swim bonus events. Those bonus event, though, need to have a USA time.


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