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This announcement is a bit lengthy; our apologies in advance. Instead of sending out multiple emails, we compiled one.

TOPS FOCUS WORD OF THE YEAR: Perseverance- persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

ANNUAL USA SWIMMER MEETING–Sept. 7th (TBD- between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m./ Email forthcoming)
USA SWIMMERS begin practice – Sept. 16th-
SAL SWIMMERS begin practice – Sept. 23rd.

REGISTRATION- As you know registration is up and running. Our returning families have until Aug. 14th for this priority registration. On the 15th, registration will be open to new families.

*If you know that you will not be returning, please email us via so that we can remove you from future communication.

If you shared this information with a coach, this past summer, or a fellow family, that you will not be returning, we still need written confirmation of your decision.

This notification gives us a clear picture of how many open spaces we have at each training facility for our incoming families.

LEVELS- A separate email will be sent with level recommendations and explanation.
Please note: In the first few weeks of practice we will solidify the swimmer level placement. Changes may be made based on swimmer performance/feedback during practice.

The following considerations are being made concerning the levels :
*Age and Physical maturity: We don’t want to ask too much too early; respect swimmer development
If there is an () after the swimmer’s name, then he/she is being invited to join the next level, ONE day per week. We want any progression to be gradual and respectful of their development. We will make changes throughout the season based on swimmer attendance/performance.

We no longer have a TOPS 6 level. That level is now NATIONAL level.

*Swimmer has met an ISCA Summer Champs time standard.
*Pre-HS (Sept- Nov.)- Swimmer needs to attend 5-6 practices per week.
*Once HS begins- Swimmer needs to attend at least ONE TOPS practice per week (this does not include dual meet attendance).
*Attend SAL dual meets (minimum 2).
*Participate in at least three (3) TOPS chosen USA meets.
*Participate in the SCY Season Ending Senior Champs in March.
*Participate in LC Training (one day per week)
*Attend ONE TOPS chosen USA LC meet (not including ISCA)
*Attend the ISCA Summer Championship (FL).
*Support the fundraising efforts for the ISCA meet.

PRIOR SWIM CLUBS – Please list ALL prior swim clubs in the designated area in registration. We need to know this information for SAL and USA, in order to contact the previous clubs for swimmer release. If we do not have a complete and honest picture, we open ourselves up to fines by both SAL and USA. If you do not disclose, fully, the list of your previous club(s), and we are fined due to the non-disclosure, the family will be responsible for the fine (fines – $200-$500).

We have secured both training facilities (Perkiomen School/ Pottstown Athletic Center) and Coach Bill is finalizing the practice schedule. Though our schedule is not yet set in stone, it will closely mirror last year’s TOPS Level Practice schedule.

TEAM SUITS/ EQUIPMENT- The team suit color, this year, is ROYAL BLUE. There are many suits on Swim Outlet that are ROYAL BLUE, and many of our spirit wear items (e.g. parka, sweats) on our affiliate page are ROYAL BLUE.

*When choosing a team suit, please make sure that there is to be no other color on the suit (e.g. straps).
*Girls- tie-back suits are not permitted for competition.

EQUIPMENT – Swimmers are responsible for securing all the necessary equipment for their first swim practice. There is ample time to purchase the required equipment before the start dates. All the necessary equipment can be purchased through our Swim Outlet affiliate team page. This avenue allows you to easily purchase equipment, and it also supports TOPS.

Notes about required equipment:
FINS- We have kept the floating fins listed, for our younger swimmers are finding the training fins to be ill fitting. If you purchase the floating fin, we suggest cutting the fins to a training length. You can bring the fins to practice, and the coaches will draw a line on the fins for you to cut at home.

SNORKEL- Each year swimmers have snorkels which do not meet the parameters of our recommended snorkel. The snorkel (Finis) has a valve at the bottom to help the swimmer expel water from the snorkel. Please purchase the correct snorkel so swimmers can benefit from its purpose.

SPIRIT WEAR- New swimmers will receive a TOPS t-shirt and a TOPS cap.
*On our team affiliate Swim Outlet page, we have a link to TOPS SWIM AND DIVE SWIM GEAR. An array of personalized clothing is available for your purchase. This is our only spirit wear option. Purchasing through TOPS is an easy fundraiser for our team.

**Presently, there is a big sale (80% off some items), as well as free shipping for orders over $49.00.
CAPS- Additional caps can be purchased at $7.00 a cap.

Parents, as you know, swimming is heavily reliant on your support and participation. The board, and coaches, are aware of the sacrifice you make.
The volunteer sign-up for meets will be available at the Mandatory Parent Meeting (Sept. 15th). Positions not filled will be assigned. If the parent cannot meet the assigned/volunteer obligation, it will be the parent’s responsibility to find a replacement.

This year, we will be holding a raffle for our volunteers. For each time a parent volunteers, he/she will earn a raffle ticket for raffle prizes.

In addition…at the conclusion of the season, we will acknowledge one parent, per age group, for boys and girls, who volunteered the most.

In the TOPS Handbook, please review the positions that must be filled each dual meet. We want to continue to build a strong base for officials and the scorer’s table. If you would like to take on these roles, you will have a lot of support to help you.

On October 12th, we hope to hold a mock meet. This will serve as a time trial for our swimmers, as well as, give our parents a chance to try out their volunteer obligations.

As we are readying ourselves for a new season, take the opportunity to get SAL text alerts. Text 40404 and in the message “follow suburbanaquatic". Though we will notify you of any pertinent information, this is a good back up to have.

1) Must participate in at least two regular season dual meets.
2) Must participate in a SAL Championship
FYI…The swimmer’s age on October 31st shall be his or her age for the entire season.

1. Sign up to volunteer in at least 2 meets for the season
2. Sign up to volunteer, additionally, if needed. (e.g. invitationals)

From our website:
To participate in TOPS USA Swimming, the swimmers must meet the following criteria:
1. Express interest, to a TOPS Coach, about participating in USA Swimming.
2. Have a BB Short Course Time in a given event. Swimmer is to be no younger than nine years old.
3. Demonstrate discipline in practice and attend the recommended number of practices
4. Exhibit age appropriate maturity in practice and TOPS chosen USA meets.
5. Adhere to the Athlete Code of Conduct.
6. Plan and choose events in the TOPS chosen USA meets.
7. Must participate in a season ending USA meet (e.g. Bronze, Silver, JO, Seniors)

*Swimmers who are planning on swimming in college are strongly encouraged to swim TOPS USA. It will ready them for the demands of college swimming, as well as, offer opportunities for exposure to more events other than what HS and SAL dual meets offer.

The mid-season (Nov./Dec.) and season ending meets (prelim/finals) will give swimmers a feel for big college meets, which are held over a four day period.

*The season ending LC meet results have been uploaded in Active, and you should be able to see your swimmer’s times in the Parent Portal.

*Our swimmers did an AWESOME job representing TOPS at Silver, JO’s and ISCA! We are very proud of their time commitment (LC training and meet attendance) and their effort!!

At JO’s and Silvers, we had swimmers final, and improve their time! Super proud!!

ISCA- We had 12 swimmers go to ISCA. It was a great meet with amazing times by our swimmers!! We had many swimmers final, each evening.

We enjoyed watching swimmers making Olympic Trial Cuts, US Open cuts, and Jr. National Cuts at the meet.
Chris Guiliano earned a meet record on his last event (100 free)!

**All of our TOPS LC swimmers, were there to support each other, and we are blessed to have exceptional young men and women on TOPS.

USA meets are beginning to be posted on MA
Reminder: swimmers swim their events as per their age that day.

Our first meet is the Blue Eagle NT Buster, and that meet will begin to accept entries on Sept. 1st. We will be sending our entries in the beginning of Sept.

*This is a NT meet, and we encourage our swimmers to choose events in which they do not have a time.

*Also, some of our swimmers may age up during this season (e.g. begin as a 12 yr. old, and by MA Champs, they are 13), therefore, choose swimming events which will be offered to you at the USA season ending meets.
If you have not registered, please do ASAP. We want to ensure that we get into this meet.

Also, uploaded:
Mid-Season Time Standard Meets:
Golden Rams (B+ prelim/final)
LAC Holiday Cup

*Only those currently registered for the upcoming season have received an invite. All three of these meets are ready for entry.

TOPS SWIMMERS AGE 17 AND OLDER have already been notified of the need to take the online Athlete Protection Course through USA Swimming. You must take this course.
If the swimmer does not take this course, he/she will be unable to swim in a sanctioned USA meet.
The course is free, on USA Swimming, and its completion will be reflected on the swimmer’s Deck Pass.


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