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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another.” ~Walter Elliott

TEAM PICTURE – We are slated to have our team pictures, as the Pottstown Athletic Center, on October 6th at 12:30 p.m. Please wear your Orange shirt. For our new swimmers, we are working on getting your orange shirts for the picture.

SWIM EQUIPMENT – Thank you to all who have secured their swim equipment. There are still some swimmers who do not have all their equipment. Also, please make sure ALL equipment (equipment bag, each paddle, fin, snorkel, kickboard, etc.) are labeled.
In addition to our swimmers bringing their swim equipment, they must also have water bottles (not glass)with them for practice.

Lastly, if a swimmer suffers from asthma, and needs an inhaler, please get an inhaler that they can keep with their equipment bag.

FAMILY FOLDERS – Family folders should be at each training facility, this week. We will use the folders for awards, flyers, purchases, etc.

TEAM CAPS- As was shared, last week, new swimmers will receive a new cap, and they will be put in the family folder. Swimmers can purchase a cap if needing a replacement. We also have long haired caps available. Please specify. Please let us know via email ( if you need to purchase another cap ($7.00).

From our webmaster, Trish DeMarco: “_We are aware that some parents have been having issues accessing our drop down menu (i.e., calendar, parent portal, etc…) using their smartphones. We have a message into our website company, and they are looking into it. In the interim, please know all information is accessible via computers and we have put a temporary calendar link and parent portal link on the website to try to help with mobile access.”_

We will need to get these entries in ASAP, therefore, please commit to this meet by OCTOBER 2ND.
*There are no time standards but the events, below.

*Qualifying times are not required for any events except for the 9-12 100 IM’s (events #27-30).
-Each of these events will be limited to 4 heats.
-The first 32 swimmers who meet the qualifying time listed below for each event will be accepted. Once the 32 swimmer limit is reached the event will be closed.
9-10 girls 100 IM 1:42.59
9-10 boys 100 IM 1:39.39
11-12 girls 100 IM 1:24.39
11-12 boys 100 IM 1:20.89

The process for committing to a meet is located under documents, in the SAL tab, under Invitationals, and in the USA tab, under the USA Meets.

SAL STROKE AND TURN CLINIC DATES,LOCATIONS, AND TIMES LINK: Please consider becoming a stroke and turn official. You do not have swimming experience to be an official.

LAC HOLIDAY CLASSIC – It has come to our attention that the meet entry file and the time standards, posted in the meet information packet, are inconsistent, therefore, some of you had difficulty entering an event. We did contact the meet director, about the discrepancy, but have failed to hear back from him. With that said, we will still attempt to enter those who have a time discrepancy. We will keep you abreast on the developments. For those who do not yet have a time standard, we will send an updated file, with new entries.

GRA MEET – Many of you have already committed to this meet, and we thank you for being on top of this. Today, the meet opens for entries, therefore, we want to make sure we get our entries in so that we can secure a place in this meet. As with LAC, we hope to send an updated file for those who will achieve a time standard.

NORTH PENN TROPHY MEET- USA APPROVED MEET – See the information, above, under the SAL Invitationals.


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