Posted by TOPS Swimming and Diving on Mar 23 2020 at 11:34AM PDT

Hello, TOPS families. We miss you!

We find ourselves in a unique and trying time, but we will prevail and we will be stronger for it. The sport of swimming requires discipline, patience, dedication, and a trust in the process. Our present reality is asking us to summon these character traits. The utilization of these character traits will help develop a stronger athlete and a stronger person.

Coaches have talked to swimmers about ‘controllables’ and ‘uncontrollables.’

Uncontrollables: how an opponent will swim, the temperature of the water, pool, lanes, blocks, etc. Controllables: following and implementing training sets, being prepared for practice, being a good teammate, trusting the process, etc.

We are faced with a different set of controllables and uncontrollables in our present reality. Identifying what is in our control and what is not in our control will help us get through this. On the other side of this, we will be stronger.

As we all know, there are measures in place to help mitigate this unwelcomed visitor. The measures have halted any training, as well as, cancelled season ending meets. All of this is out of our control.

Though we cannot gather and train/compete, as hoped, we can utilize this time to strengthen the mind and body. Links have been posted on our Facebook page. We know not everyone is on Facebook, therefore, we included in the announcements, via email.

End of Season Celebration
Our Nation’s President and task force are asking us to adhere to the 15 day protocol (controllable) to mitigate the spread. On day 14, we should know what the next few weeks will be like in terms of our day to day. At that point, we will make a decision about our Season Ending Celebration. In the meantime, please RSVP (controllable).

TOPS Clinic
As with the End of Season Celebration we will wait as see what is directed on Day 14 of our present protocol. This is not only a training avenue but also a fundraiser for TOPS. Fingers crossed!

We are still looking to the future for our swim family. Please support our Clay Shoot, to be held in May.

We have been unable to acquire the result zip file to import results for HS States. We will keep trying.

Long Courses Meets
As of now, we are looking forward to our upcoming swim season. We must be prepared (controllable).

Therefore, we will continue to ask you to commit to the following meets. If there is any change in the upcoming Middle Atlantic Schedule, you will be informed and credited.

North Penn Pentathlon- Swimmers must swim all the events. The flat fee is $30.00. Deadline: March 30th.

FYI…North Penn Stroke Distance Meet- Though listed on Middle Atlantic, North Penn is not going to host this meet, this summer. Therefore, only the Pentathlon meet is available for entry.

PAAC Firecracker Meet – No more than three events per day OR no more that two events if races are long distance. Deadline: April 30th

Season Ending LC Meets
Below are the Middle Atlantic LC Season Ending meets. At this point, this is not open for entry. These meets do not interfere with the Tri-County swim schedule.

Middle Atlantic Senior Champs – July 10, July 11th (We will not be swimming July 8th – July 9th.) Location: Bucknell University **Swimmers not attending the ISCA FL meet are to attend this season ending meet.

Middle Atlantic Silver Champs – July 10th – July 12th – Location: Keystone Aquatic Center

Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics – July 23rd – July 26th – Location: Franklin & Marshall

ISCA International LC Meet – Information will be posted when available on the ISCA site.

Training Scheule