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Posted by TOPS Swimming and Diving at Apr 21, 2020 9:38AM PDT

Hello, TOPS families!! How are you doing? We hope all is well. Each day that passes we are getting closer to our ‘swim’ tomorrows. Patience and discipline, two of our previous Words of the Year (Quotes) are vital in getting us through this challenging time.

Unfortunately, the majority of the news we are confronted with every day, is less than positive. BUT, there is A LOT of positive news out there, and below is an example of ‘good news.’

Like the USA Season, the HS swim season came to an abrupt halt. Just recently, our local papers have acknowledged area swimmers and coaches.

Chris Guiliano was named the All-Area Male Swimmer of the Year. Also, he has been highlighted in Swim Swam as being a noteworthy swimmer for the class of 2021 (Top 20 in the nation). Congratulations, Chris!

Also, Congratulations to Coach Bill for being named All-Area Boys’ Swim Coach of the Year! Way to go, Coach Bill!!

TOPS swimmer acknowledgement does not stop there!! Below, is a list of more TOPS swimmers being recognized for their swim performance for their respective HS swim team. Congratulations to these TOPS swimmers! (In alphabetical order)

First Team All-Area
Nolan Benner
Dalton Fink
Chris Guiliano
Gabby McKee

Second Team All-Area
Henry Phillips

Honorable Mention All-Area
Eliana Crew
Andrew Cubbler
Angie Nelson
Logan Richards
Hannah Shaner
Conner Stoudt
Nathan VanNatter
Noah Vivian

TOPS Website
FYI….Our home page looks a little funky. We contacted Active concerning it.

Spring Conditioning Clinic
Due to the recent extended mandate by Gov. Wolf, we will have to cancel the Spring Technique and Conditioning Clinic. Information will be forthcoming concerning refunds.

Swim Outlet
A sale is underway on Swim Outlet. A lot of our required equipment is on sale. Remember, shopping through our affiliate page is a fundraiser for TOPS. Given that we had to cancel our Clay Shoot and our Spring Clinic, every little bit helps. Thank you, in advance!

Middle Atlantic is not permitting any swimming/competition through May 31st. Therefore, the Keystone Aquatic LC Meet has been cancelled.

We don’t know the status of the other meets for which we are already entered. As stated above, we will wait for counsel. We will still move forward with entry into the PAAC Firecracker Meet. Deadline: April 29th.

Stay safe and thank you for all you do! Take care!!


Posted by TOPS Swimming and Diving at Apr 6, 2020 10:20AM PDT

Hello, TOPS Families- We hope everyone is doing well.

Last week, everyone should have received an email with the dryland regime created by Coach Seth. If you have any questions, please email, and we will get back to you.

TOPS Board and Coaches have met, via ZOOM, to review, discuss, and plan. Though we are not on deck, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We are readying ourselves for the day when we can step foot on deck.

With the continued parameters in place due to COVID, the following changes have been made:

End of Season Celebration
Our season ending celebration is postponed and will not be held on April 19th. The board and coaches are in discussion as to how we will acknowledge our season and swimmers. Stay tuned.

TOPS Clinic
We will not begin the clinic on April 20th. We are in a wait and see pattern, right now, in order to determine if/when we can have our clinic. Stay tuned.

The Clay Shoot fundraiser has been cancelled. We have secured a date for next Spring.


Long Courses Meets
North Penn Pentathlon- Entries Sent
PAAC Firecracker Meet – No more than three events per day OR no more that two events if races are long distance. Deadline: April 30th

OCTOBER – Blue Eagle/ UDAC Rocktoberfest
NOVEMBERUDAC Go the Distance Meet/ HHAA High Five Pentathlon / North Penn Trophy Meet/ WCU B+ Prelim/Final Mid-Season meet
DECEMBER – Winter Jr. Nationals/LAC Holiday Cup- Prelim/Final- A+
JANUARYPAAC Distance Meet/ Upper Merion Last Chance Meet
FEBRUARY – ‘A’ Champs/ UDAC Closed Invite
MARCHUSA Season Ending Championships


Posted by TOPS Swimming and Diving at Mar 23, 2020 11:34AM PDT

Hello, TOPS families. We miss you!

We find ourselves in a unique and trying time, but we will prevail and we will be stronger for it. The sport of swimming requires discipline, patience, dedication, and a trust in the process. Our present reality is asking us to summon these character traits. The utilization of these character traits will help develop a stronger athlete and a stronger person.

Coaches have talked to swimmers about ‘controllables’ and ‘uncontrollables.’

Uncontrollables: how an opponent will swim, the temperature of the water, pool, lanes, blocks, etc. Controllables: following and implementing training sets, being prepared for practice, being a good teammate, trusting the process, etc.

We are faced with a different set of controllables and uncontrollables in our present reality. Identifying what is in our control and what is not in our control will help us get through this. On the other side of this, we will be stronger.

As we all know, there are measures in place to help mitigate this unwelcomed visitor. The measures have halted any training, as well as, cancelled season ending meets. All of this is out of our control.

Though we cannot gather and train/compete, as hoped, we can utilize this time to strengthen the mind and body. Links have been posted on our Facebook page. We know not everyone is on Facebook, therefore, we included in the announcements, via email.

End of Season Celebration
Our Nation’s President and task force are asking us to adhere to the 15 day protocol (controllable) to mitigate the spread. On day 14, we should know what the next few weeks will be like in terms of our day to day. At that point, we will make a decision about our Season Ending Celebration. In the meantime, please RSVP (controllable).

TOPS Clinic
As with the End of Season Celebration we will wait as see what is directed on Day 14 of our present protocol. This is not only a training avenue but also a fundraiser for TOPS. Fingers crossed!

We are still looking to the future for our swim family. Please support our Clay Shoot, to be held in May.

We have been unable to acquire the result zip file to import results for HS States. We will keep trying.

Long Courses Meets
As of now, we are looking forward to our upcoming swim season. We must be prepared (controllable).

Therefore, we will continue to ask you to commit to the following meets. If there is any change in the upcoming Middle Atlantic Schedule, you will be informed and credited.

North Penn Pentathlon- Swimmers must swim all the events. The flat fee is $30.00. Deadline: March 30th.

FYI…North Penn Stroke Distance Meet- Though listed on Middle Atlantic, North Penn is not going to host this meet, this summer. Therefore, only the Pentathlon meet is available for entry.

PAAC Firecracker Meet – No more than three events per day OR no more that two events if races are long distance. Deadline: April 30th

Season Ending LC Meets
Below are the Middle Atlantic LC Season Ending meets. At this point, this is not open for entry. These meets do not interfere with the Tri-County swim schedule.

Middle Atlantic Senior Champs – July 10, July 11th (We will not be swimming July 8th – July 9th.) Location: Bucknell University **Swimmers not attending the ISCA FL meet are to attend this season ending meet.

Middle Atlantic Silver Champs – July 10th – July 12th – Location: Keystone Aquatic Center

Middle Atlantic Junior Olympics – July 23rd – July 26th – Location: Franklin & Marshall

ISCA International LC Meet – Information will be posted when available on the ISCA site.


Posted by TOPS Swimming and Diving at Mar 15, 2020 11:42AM PDT

Well, a lot has unfolded since our last weekly announcement. Though there are a lot of changes, underway, our weekly announcements can be a constant in this ever changing reality.

One of the changes to our swim family is the cancellation of all future USA competitions for the next 30 days, as well as, the declared state of emergency which impacts our swim training. All of these are necessary in order to deal with our current reality. Though it is disappointing that we will not see each other, and our swim season came to an abrupt end, we must count our blessings and move forward in a positive, proactive, and responsible manner.

Given all swimmers are now home from school for a while, there are things that they can do to continue to train at home.

First, we advocate a time of rest. Swimming is a labor intensive and time consuming sport. It is highly appropriate to take a break and rest one’s body and give the one’s spirit a ‘swim break.’

Please get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Play basketball, go for a walk, do outdoor yard work, etc. all which can take place at home without being exposed to crowds.

Ten TOPS swimmers participated in the PIAA HS States held at Bucknell University, last week. This meet is one of the fastest HS meets in the nation. We witnessed some fast swimming and some records (meet and national) were set.

Our TOPS swimmers did an excellent job and represented their respective HS. In alphabetical order, please join us in congratulating the following TOPS Swimmers:

Nolan Benner-Finished 12th at States for 100 free / Finished 22nd in State for 100 breast

Dalton Fink- Finished 6th in States for 100 fly / Finished 8th in States for 100 back

Chris Guiliano – State Champion in 200 free / Finished 3rd in State for 100 free

Gabby McKee – Finished 11th in State in 200 IM / Finished 5th in the State in 500 free

BoyertownNolan Benner, Conner Stoudt, Noah Vivian, Nate Zimmerman
-200 Medley Reley Finished 26th in the State
-400 Free Relay – Finished 20th in the State

Daniel BooneChris Guiliano
– 200 Free Relay – Finished 15th in the State

OJRDalton Fink and Natan VanNatter
– 200 Free Relay finished 13th in the State
– 400 Free relay finished 12th in the State

OJREliana Crew
– 200 Free Relay – 10th in the State
– 400 Free Relay – 5th in the State

Spring-FordAndrew Cubbler
– 400 Free Relay Finished 26th in the State

Unfortunately, Henry Phillips did not get to swim his 200 free and 500 free at HS States due to PIAA postponing AA State Champs. Going into HS States meet we was ranked 20th for the 200 free and 11th for the 500 free.

Also, Ben Young was to swim the breast in the 200 Medley Relay for his HS team. They were ranked 30th in the State going into the meet.

Though we do not know what will be recommended in the coming days, we will still move forward with requesting RSVP’s for our Season Ending Banquet, which is slated to be held on April 19th at Sunnybrook. Please RSVP. If we cancel, no harm no foul, but if it is on, we want to make sure that all are welcome to join us.

As with the Season Ending Banquet, we are hopeful that we can hold the TOPS Spring Clinic. Please register and join us for this clinic. If we need to cancel, you will be reimbursed. The Spring Clinic is one of our fundraisers, as well as, a means to get the swimmers ready for the summer swim season. We have plenty of space at Perk, and PAC is filling up, quickly.

CLAY SHOOT – Please join us for our Second Annual Clay Shoot to be held on May 16th. Information is under our Documents on our website.

For swimmers who attended States, we will get the results and upload them.

Thus far, no additional LC meets have been posted. Our USA swimmers received an invite for the PAAC
Firecracker meet. Please commit if you intend to participate. Three events, max, per day. Two events max if the races are longer distances.

Forthcoming: Information about LC practice


Posted by TOPS Swimming and Diving at Mar 10, 2020 12:10PM PDT

Congratulations to our Bronze Swimmers! We hope you had fun, for you sure did swim awesome! Our girls finished 2nd overall, and our boys finished 18th (only five boys representing)!

Thank you to the parents who stepped forward to help time. It was greatly appreciated! We know that it would be easier to sit and enjoy, and we thank you for choosing to support the swimmers by stepping forward to help.

Bronze swimmers, if you will not be swimming in Silvers, your season has come to a close. We will miss you, but look forward to seeing you at our season ending banquet and at our TOPS Spring Clinic.

In the meantime, focus on your studies, stay active; maybe participate in another sport (cross training is great for mind and muscles), and find time to relax and get rejuvenated for the upcoming swim season.

We have TWELVE TOPS HS swimmers who will be swimming for their respective HS, this week, at PIAA HS States, which will be held at Bucknell University (Wednesday – Saturday).

Best of luck to all our TOPS swimmers! Have fun! We will be cheering for you!

We will be following the practice schedule on the website.

Registration is open to everyone (open registration for all interested, not just TOPS families). Please join our Spring Clinic. We will focus on: technique (all strokes), starts, turns, and conditioning. This is a great way to continue to focus on the ‘little things’ and will get the summer swim juices flowing.

*If our TOPS/USA swimmers are going to participate in LC meets, he/she must participate in the clinic in order to be conditioned for the LC meets. (First meet end of May).

A Sign-up Genius link was sent, via email, to all our families for RSVP to this season ending celebration. Please join us. What better way to bring our season to a close.

Date: April 19th
Time: 10:30am to 2pm
​Sunnybrook Ballroom

Any questions, please email

Reminders: Please support our Clay Shoot (under Documents on website) and our Puravida bracelet fundraisers!


Bronze Champs- The results have been imported and should be reflected in your Parent Portal.


You received an invite for the PAAC Firecracker Meet. The deadline is April 29th. No more than three events, per day, and no more than two for long distance events.

Lastly, we are staying abreast of the meets posted on Middle Atlantic for LC. We choose meets which respect the summer league swim schedule for Tri-County.

SENIOR CHAMPS – Entries have been submitted

SILVER CHAMPS- Later this week, or earlier next week, we will send out the Silver Champs meet information. Please be aware that timers will be needed.


Training Scheule